Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've decided to start highlighting a ministry on our blog each week. I love reading other people's stories and experiences in missions. So I thought I would help spread the word about some really great things that God is doing! These people truly are SUPERSTARS! Seriously! They deserve to have paparazzi following them around and fans trying to get their autograph! Wouldn't it be amazing if the world worked that way? Imagine if more people were recognized for the good works that they do and the lives they change than the movies or TV shows they've been in! :)

Our first SUPERSTAR is .....*drumroll please*.....

This is a grassroots organization operating in Kampala, Uganda. They provide not only education to children who normally would not have the opportunity they also provide meals for these children. Education is something that is near and dear to my heart and I truly believe that everyone deserves the chance at an education. In Uganda, the people do not have to pay to go to school, but they do have to provide their own uniform, backpack, school supplies, etc. which many simply not afford.
Here is a picture of the children at the school enjoying their lunch:
{Photo credit to Christian Upliftment Nursery & Primary School}

Get this! For $3.00 they can feed 2 children for an entire month! For many children, the meal at school is the only meal of the day. This is a great organization with a great calling put before them and I believe God is up to something amazing at this school! Please check out their website here: and say a little BIG prayer for them today!


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