Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty of the cross

We've been making progress...
we sent off all the paperwork for our passports
our support letters are written
God has already started to provide financial support is starting to get REAL!

If you are a praying person please pray for-
  • a surplus of bookbags/school supplies for us to take with us
  • for me to be able to stay focused during this semester of school
  • financial provision for the trip
  • for the children and staff at Gathiga Children's Hope Home
I have been listening to the song "Beauty of the Cross" by Johnny Diaz a lot lately, it's so pretty! I love the lyrics:
Only through the cross that I'm made clean to draw near to you
Saved so that you would receive all glory due Your name
Everlasting God from age to age you never change
A true love story remains for all eternity
That all the world would see

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New (or Old) Look on His Death!

First off today is Easter. That is exciting. My wife and I were talking and I realized that I am such a theological nut! I love talking, discussing, debating, and just finding out new things that I never realized before. So...makes a perfect spot to just tell what I am finding out. I found this out a long time ago but it is just so awesome. Here comes an absurd statement but just keep reading because I just like the shock factor.

Jesus died for two words and I am saved for it.

The fact is that Jesus was a High Priest and by the order of Melchizedek. Now this Melchizedek guy was the real stuff. Abraham even gave a tenth to this guy, and on top of that He was a king.(this is why I said wealthy) Melchizedek was not from the tribe of Levi so he was not entitled to the plunder that Abraham gave him. Then Jesus becomes King and High Priest. This is going to be a problem for the pharisees because now Jesus is not only a King/Priest, but a priest by the order of Melchizedek. (Hebrews 6:20-8)

Now Jesus is a King/Priest from a order where Abraham would tithe to! The pharisees could possibly deal with this, but Jesus kept preaching. Then Jesus says "I AM". Then the pharisees decide to kill him. (John 8:58-59, John 19:7)

Then He was crucified. This always brought a new meaning for me to the sign King of the Jews above his head. This is why Pilate washes his hands of this and is sure that the people knew what they were doing. The people did not want to see that He was King, but Pilate was made sure that they knew. (John 19:19-22)
He would not be responsible for killing the King of the Jews.

When this was happening soldiers began to cast lots for his clothes. These were seamless garments, and this is important. Only the High Priest had these garments. Jesus was not only the Priest and King but had the evidence to show it. They were not bidding for some new clothes but they were casting lots for power and power through Melchizedek kingship. (John 19:23-24)

In summary a King said "I AM".

Well this was fun! I think I will do more of these. My wife is almost home from working at Life Kids and then we need to go grocery shopping to get stuff for an Easter dinner! I am so excited for this.
Nick Hughes

God died a few days ago, but today He is risen. When God died He opened the veil between us and Him. This "Man" laid his life for us. All because of this...three things have come to be. He has defeated sin, death, and secured our eternal life. Sin has no more chains, death no longer has a sting. I know that I will be with my Savior when He calls. Praise be to God for the life He has given.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've decided to start highlighting a ministry on our blog each week. I love reading other people's stories and experiences in missions. So I thought I would help spread the word about some really great things that God is doing! These people truly are SUPERSTARS! Seriously! They deserve to have paparazzi following them around and fans trying to get their autograph! Wouldn't it be amazing if the world worked that way? Imagine if more people were recognized for the good works that they do and the lives they change than the movies or TV shows they've been in! :)

Our first SUPERSTAR is .....*drumroll please*.....

This is a grassroots organization operating in Kampala, Uganda. They provide not only education to children who normally would not have the opportunity they also provide meals for these children. Education is something that is near and dear to my heart and I truly believe that everyone deserves the chance at an education. In Uganda, the people do not have to pay to go to school, but they do have to provide their own uniform, backpack, school supplies, etc. which many simply not afford.
Here is a picture of the children at the school enjoying their lunch:
{Photo credit to Christian Upliftment Nursery & Primary School}

Get this! For $3.00 they can feed 2 children for an entire month! For many children, the meal at school is the only meal of the day. This is a great organization with a great calling put before them and I believe God is up to something amazing at this school! Please check out their website here: and say a little BIG prayer for them today!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Dreamer

I posted a new item in our etsy shop today! It's an original mixed media painting called, Beautiful Dreamer. Hopefully there will be many more new items added very soon! Please check it out and buy some ART FOR AFRICA! :)

You can see it here:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Backpacks for Gathiga!

In August (Lord willing) we will be headed to Kenya. We will be helping out here:

Gathiga Children's Hope Home
Gathiga is home to 120 children who were orphaned or abandoned and lived on the street with no one to look after them. After our applications had been accepted to stay here for 2 weeks, I emailed and asked what the immediate needs were and what we could bring with us to help them. They did mention shoes, underwear, and socks. One of their greatest needs, however, are school bags. Starting in 4th grade, students need to have a good backpack for their school work. There are 12 students this year at Gathiga that are advancing to the 4th grade and will need bags. Imagine a child having the opportunity to go to school, but not being able to because they don't have a backpack. This is not ok with me. Nick and I will be raising money to buy backpacks for those 12 and hopefully have a few more we can bring with for the students over the next year. I would also love to be able to provide some school supplies: 
pencil sharpeners
If you would be willing to donate to help us buy these items for the children you can click donate on the right hand side of the blog. If you live in the Milwaukee or Jo Daviess County area and would like to buy supplies and donate them, or if you have a backpack, in good condition, that your child will no longer be using, please consider donating and email me at: or leave me a comment below.  I think it would be easier just to donate money if you don't live in those areas because the money spent on postage could be used to buy more supplies! :)
 They also let us know that for $30(food) + $20(gas money)=$50 we could organize a feeding day at one of the nearby slums and feed over 100 children. Many of them are lucky to recieve one meal of rice a day.
If you are not able to give monetarily we ask that you please keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

my pity party

I'm getting discouraged.
I knew that this step in the journey would come, but so soon?
I know this trip is totally up to God, because it is way too big for me to handle.
Maybe it's because it's finals week and I am overwhelmed. I think I am giving myself a stomach ulcer. Everytime I think about how much has to be done for the trip in such a short period of time I have a mini-anxiety attack. Maybe it's not a "mini" one because I don't know what a "normal" anxiety attack looks like. Sometimes I feel like I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere and have no idea which way to turn or what the next step is. In these times I need to remember to lean on the Word and the promises that have been made.
I have prayed about this anxiety, but I once heard someone say, "Why do we pray small prayers to a big God?" Meaning that God is capable of things so much bigger than we believe is possible. That question is something that has always stuck with me. So I am constantly thinking, "Why pray for myself and my needs when there are people who need hope and healing and people who have never even heard the name of Jesus? I should pray for those people!" Why can't I do both, you may ask? Well...I guess that would be a good solution, huh? ;) I am working on this daily. I feel like a dork for being this anxious when deep down I know that God will make it work.

Friday, April 8, 2011

the road to Africa

Our Etsy site is up and running! Please check it out! There are only 2 items available right now but there will soon be more!

If either of these beauties catch your eye please help us get one step further on our road to Africa! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Kibera slum outside of Nairobi, is one of the biggest slums in the world. It is about the same size as Central Park in NY (about 1.5 square miles) and there are 1 MILLION people living there. Over 50,000 are orphans. This is more than just a tragedy, these are people whose lives matter.
                                       Nick and I hope to get the chance to visit this slum while in Nairobi.

The average size home in Kibera is 10 ft x 10 ft and anywhere from 6 to 12 people live in each. That's about the size of the rug under your dining room table.

At any one time in Kibera 50% of the population of women aged 16-25 are pregnant. Are these the kind of conditions you would want to give birth and raise your child in? Many of these women choose (or are forced into) an extremely dangerous abortion.

These pictures are hard to look at. They make me uncomfortable. I hope they make you uncomfortable, too. Even though there is immense suffering here I feel that there is hope for these people and that there is a plan for each and every one of their lives.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

lazy Sundays....

Filling out passport applications.
Making some cute rosette headbands.
Making chicken taco chili to warm my belly.
Studying for an a&p quiz on Tuesday.
Being thankful for the blessings that God has given me and the burden he has placed on my heart for the people of Africa.

What does your Sunday look like?