Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, there hasn't been too much to blog about lately. School started 2 weeks ago and is already in full-swing (I've already had 2 exams, with another one on Monday). I guess when I signed up for a 20 month program I should've guessed that it would be pretty intense!
My passport came today! That was exciting.... Ohh and we are Skyping with the volunteer coordinators for Gathiga tomorrow!!!! :) Praying for blessed conversation and that we would be a good fit for their ministry.
We already have a few backpacks collected for the kids at Gathiga! We know God will make this all come together in His time. The next step is buying plane tickets (this week) and getting immunizations (I might be getting sick so I want to wait and see before I get some shots).

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts! Less than 3 months and we will be in Africa!