Saturday, April 16, 2011

Backpacks for Gathiga!

In August (Lord willing) we will be headed to Kenya. We will be helping out here:

Gathiga Children's Hope Home
Gathiga is home to 120 children who were orphaned or abandoned and lived on the street with no one to look after them. After our applications had been accepted to stay here for 2 weeks, I emailed and asked what the immediate needs were and what we could bring with us to help them. They did mention shoes, underwear, and socks. One of their greatest needs, however, are school bags. Starting in 4th grade, students need to have a good backpack for their school work. There are 12 students this year at Gathiga that are advancing to the 4th grade and will need bags. Imagine a child having the opportunity to go to school, but not being able to because they don't have a backpack. This is not ok with me. Nick and I will be raising money to buy backpacks for those 12 and hopefully have a few more we can bring with for the students over the next year. I would also love to be able to provide some school supplies: 
pencil sharpeners
If you would be willing to donate to help us buy these items for the children you can click donate on the right hand side of the blog. If you live in the Milwaukee or Jo Daviess County area and would like to buy supplies and donate them, or if you have a backpack, in good condition, that your child will no longer be using, please consider donating and email me at: or leave me a comment below.  I think it would be easier just to donate money if you don't live in those areas because the money spent on postage could be used to buy more supplies! :)
 They also let us know that for $30(food) + $20(gas money)=$50 we could organize a feeding day at one of the nearby slums and feed over 100 children. Many of them are lucky to recieve one meal of rice a day.
If you are not able to give monetarily we ask that you please keep us in your prayers!

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