Monday, September 12, 2011

The dreams of the forgotten

One afternoon, I spoke with two 9th grade level girls. They were so sweet and asked many questions about life in the U.S. One of them told me that she wants to go to university to study medicine to become a doctor. The other girl has hopes to become an engineer. I thought to myself, "Becoming a doctor is ambitious in the U.S., but in Kenya? I can't even imagine!" I quickly realized that this was a trend. Every high school aged kid I asked about their after high school plans had similar answers: doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists....all very ambitious goals. They see their situation and they want to make it better. I don't know why, but even though my first thoughts were that these are unrealistic goals, I now truly feel that this isn't unrealistic. This can happen. These children have a chance I just feel it!
This is when I discovered that the average cost for tuition for an entire program at university in Kenya is around $800 USD. That's it? $800 and you can be a doctor? That is monthly rent or a mortgage payment for one month of someone living in the U.S.! And it can give these children the chance at a better life. Even if I have to work extra to pay for these children to go to school out of my own pocket, I will do it. I grew up being told I could do whatever I want to when I grow up. I believe from the bottom of my heart that these children deserve the same chances. They were dealt a different hand than we were, but it could've easily been us in their shoes. They are handling their situation with grace, believing that someway, somehow they will achieve thier dreams. This is true inspiration.
This is Julius, he is just entering Bible college, we brought him a backpack and he was overjoyed!

Psalm 9:18, "But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish."

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  1. It is inspirational, praying for these people.